You Should Get To Know Us
Hole In Whatever

Track Listing:

1. The Ride
2. Angeline*
3. Television
4. Pie
5. Take My Hand
6. Alright
7. My Baby*
8. Seven Days
9. Whole New Sound
10. 21/32
11. When You’re Gone
12. Happily Misused*

(*Recommended for radio)


Desert Mine Music (DMM045)


Release Date
19 January 2019

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You Should Get To Know Us is a four-piece rock band from Nijmegen, The Netherlands. The band’s music is both loud and melodic, strongly reminiscent of the 90s slacker rock as performed by Pavement, Fountains of Wayne, The Dandy Warhols and alike.

Following on from two earlier E.P.’s You Should Get To Know Us released their debut album, Hole In Whatever, in January 2019. Produced by Sam Forrest (Nine Black Alps) and featuring guest backing vocals from Hayley Hutchinson (The Sorry Kisses), the twelve-track album was released though the UK-based indie label Desert Mine and the Dutch songwriting collective Liedjescollectief.

Recorded at Crooked Room Studios and Granny Flat Studios near York, UK, Hole In Whatever features the trademark You Should Get To Know Us slack-pop sound, but also broadens their sonic palette to take in influences ranging from the low-down acoustic boogie of ‘My Baby’ to the ramshackle indie rock of ‘Happily Misused’. Whether it’s the emotionally fraught drama of ‘When You’re Gone’ or the intricate songcraft of ‘Pie’, Hole In Whatever represents a big step up in the sonics of the Nijmegen-based band.

You Should Get To Know Us has repeatedly toured throughout the Netherlands, Germany, France and the United Kingdom. Their 2019 tour will take the band further east in Europe with first-time shows in Poland and the Czech Republic.

You Should Get To Know Us are:
Josse Groen (drums)
Victor Duijkers (vocals, bass, guitar)
Merlijn Olthof (vocals, guitar)
Ralf Knoflook (vocals, guitar)

Full discography:

Hole In Whatever (2019)
Useful Casanovas (2018)
Faceland (2017)

More Releases: