Sariyah Idan
Breaking Shadows


1. Shine
2. Darkness*
3. Wilderness (interlude)
4. That Woman
5. You Got To Go
6. Truth To Power*
7. Claim Your Gods
8. Prayer (interlude)
9. Can We (interlude)
10. Vibe*
11. Missing (interlude)
12. Let Me
13. Night Streets (interlude)
14. Passion
15. Refuge In Blue feat. Laura Lloreta of RELATIIV
16. Temple
17. Revel

(*Recommended for radio)

Singer-Songwriter / Soul



Release Date
8 October 2019

Sariyah Idan is an American songwriter, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist whose soul and jazz influenced expressions have come to fruition in her first full-length album, Breaking Shadows . An accomplished artist and arts educator, whose experience began singing ensemble world folk music as a child, dancing professionally and studying poetry and jazz music, Sariyah possesses a profound sense of story alongside a keen understanding of music’s sensual strength and the emotional space a voice can occupy.

Born in New York, at a cross section where the American folk music of previous generations met the hip hop and Caribbean sounds of the streets, Miss Idan has spent her life seeking an articulation of these personal and cultural experiences against the backdrop of her own Ashkenazi (Eastern European) Jewish roots. Breaking Shadows, is the first major landmark of this journey. An expression of
vulnerability and community.

Recorded in Los Angeles, Berlin and Lisbon, with an array of some 27 musicians, the songs of Breaking Shadows are confessional, confrontational, social and spiritual. They present a woman’s reflections on love, power, patriarchy, and purpose. Across its 17 tracks, Breaking Shadows addresses some of the profound struggles of our age. #MeToo (‘Refuge In Blue’, ‘Temple’) and social justice (‘Truth To Power’, ‘Claim Your Gods’) are of the most politically significant, but of no less importance are the complexities and corruptions of human relationships (‘You
Got to Go’, ‘That Woman’), the transformational devotion of romance (‘Can We’, ‘Vibe’) and, ultimately, self-purpose and self-love (‘Shine’, ‘Revel’).

Artistically, Breaking Shadows is an achievement of collective creativity that draws inspiration from the breadth of Sariyah Idan’s experience. The narratives of 60s folk and soul as they meet the vocal rhythms of Zap Mama and Bobby McFerrin; The emotional depths of Billie Holiday and Nina Simone alongside the fierce and fearless Lauryn Hill and Erykah Badu; the themes of justice, resilience and spirituality as echoed by the global voices of Celia Cruz, Bob Marley, Buena Vista Social Club, Balkan Beat Box, Rising Appalachia and Nneka.

As the expression of a lifelong musical vision, Sariyah Idan’s Breaking Shadows is as much a journey to the heart for the listener as it has been for its creator. It is the sound of an artist finding her voice. It is the sound of a message that grows in strength when it is shared.

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