Africans From Outta Space

1. Barfight
2. Life Spiral
3. Birdhouse*
4. Hell For Sinners
5. Ghost On The Roof
6. Youthless
(*Recommended for radio)

Folk / Blues / Rockabilly

The Good Times Co

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Release Date
11 December 2020

From outer space via Orlando West (Soweto, South Africa), Afronaut have arrived to remind humanity to forget itself. Born on the radio waves of Captain Beefheart, James Brown, The Stooges, Screaming Jay Hawkins and Manu Chao Afronaut ’s Africans from Outta Space is the debut transmission of a sound that is vital, reflective, connective and effective.

Tagged as leaders of the local So Punk movement (named for the eruption of new bands in the famous township), Africans from Outta Space is an interstellar compound of cosmic folk and tropical rockabilly. Drawing inspiration from artists as diverse as Bad Brains, Beastie Boys, Brian Eno, Sun Ra, Prince and Linton Kwesi Johnson, Afronaut affirm the intrinsic connection between life and music: that creation cannot be ignored, that the radio is always on. Capturing the energy that has already drawn a fanatical live following, Africans From Outta Space continues the widescreen broadcast of a message that range from the deeply intimate to the darkly comic.

Afronaut are:
Fumez (vocals, prophesy)
Thulasizwe (guitars, drums, insight)
Mazakaza (violin, guidance)

Afronaut’s full discography:
Birdhouse (Single, 2020)
African From Outer Space (2020) Afronaut