The Carnage Lane


1. At Least There Will Be Dancing*
2. Snow Globe*
3. Flickering Lights
4. Cotton Wool Kid
5. All In Our Heads
6. Boolean Battle
7. On Emptiness
8. Go (Part II)
9. The Carnage Lane
10. Snow Globe (Reprise)

(*Recommended for radio)




Release Date
30 March 2018

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Inspired by traditional folk/Americana and contemporary Indie music, the Dutch singer-songwriter Niekse has just released his first full-length album, The Carnage Lane. Written between his hometown, Nijmegen, and Marburg in Germany, The Carnage Lane continues the themes of Niekse’s debut EP while adding a richness of instrumentation and variation. Produced by Menno Esmeijer, the songs of The Carnage Lane expertly combine Niekse’s sense of melody with his natural introspection towards something that is both warm and melancholy.

Easily compared to acts like Boy & Bear, Fleet Foxes, Gregory Alan Isakov, Niekse has been performing as a solo artist since 2015. His endless fascination with the world finds its voice in music that is thoughtful, witty and comforting. Niekse is also the co-founder, and a proud member, of the Liedjescollectief.

Full Discography:

The Carnage Lane (2018)
Live EP (2018)
Niekse (2016)

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