Dassie – No Echo

Dassie No Echo Tracklisting: 1. Love Me, Love Me 2. No Echo* 3. Scream for Silence 4. Funeral Song (*Recommended for radio) Genre(s) Indie/Alternative Label The Good Times Co Release Code GTR007 Format Digital Release Date 5 March, 2021 Dassie is the solo work of David Moffatt, best known in South Africa as the guitarist [...]

giilll – 2020

Afronaut Africans From Outta Space Tracklisting: 1. Piano Lessons 2. Number 15 3. Number 20 4. Number 21 5. Number 23* 6. Number 26 (*Recommended for radio) Genre(s) Electronica Label Self-Release Release Code n/a Format Digital Release Date 7 March, 2021 giilll is the electronic side-project of South African musician Gil Hockman. Influenced by electronica [...]

Afronaut – Africans from Outta Space

Afronaut Africans From Outta Space Tracklisting: 1. Barfight 2. Life Spiral 3. Birdhouse* 4. Hell For Sinners 5. Ghost On The Roof 6. Youthless (*Recommended for radio) Genre(s) Folk / Blues / Rockabilly Label The Good Times Co Release Code GTR0003 Format Digital Release Date 11 December 2020 From outer space via Orlando West (Soweto, [...]

Dear Reader – The Happiest Time of the Year

Dear Reader The Happiest Time of the Year Tracklisting: 1. The Happiest Time of the Year Genre(s): Indie / Folk / Singer-Songwriter Label: City Slang Format: Digital Release Date: 12 December 2019 Dear Reader’s new Christmas single, The Happiest Time of the Year, is already getting people into the true spirit of Christmas, bringing people [...]

Sariyah Idan – Breaking Shadows

Sariyah Idan Breaking Shadows Tracklisting: 1. Shine 2. Darkness* 3. Wilderness (interlude) 4. That Woman 5. You Got To Go 6. Truth To Power* 7. Claim Your Gods 8. Prayer (interlude) 9. Can We (interlude) 10. Vibe* 11. Missing (interlude) 12. Let Me 13. Night Streets (interlude) 14. Passion 15. Refuge In Blue feat. Laura [...]

Shotgun Tori & The Hounds

Shotgun Tori & The Hounds Tracklisting: 1. Feels So Good 2. R.O.A.R 3. Gravitas* 4. Late Again 5. Cautionary Measure 6. Put Your Back Into It (feat. Kobus de Kok Jnr) 7. Don’t Worry Be Happy 8. One Eyed Dog* 9. These Birds 10. Goodbye Amanda (*Recommended for radio) Genre(s) Rock / Folk / Country [...]

Suzy Va – Constantly Changing

Suzy Va Constantly Changing Tracklisting: 1. Colourful Identities 2. Constantly Changing* 3. Grey Swan* 4. A Tree for Inanna 5. Dunkelheit sieht man nicht 6. White Birds 7. Blue Winter Rose 8. The Day* 9. Happy Heart (*Recommended for radio) Genre(s) Jazz/Rock/World Label Timezone Records Format CD/Digital Release Date 12 April 2019 Emotional, powerful and [...]

Alex Spencer – Shine

Alex Spencer Shine Tracklisting: 1. Toxic Mountains* 2. Scorched Earth 3. Shipwreck 4. We Bear Witness 5. Shine 6. Preventative Medicine* 7. Changing Shells 8. Insect Song 9. Memory of Water 10. Moments 11. Stay Human 12. Francis Bacon (*Recommended for radio) Label Self-Released Format CD/Digital Release Date 12 April 2019 Having been away from [...]

Academie // Monochrome

Academie are Jean-Louise and Alex Parker, musical conjurors of soundscapes from the beyond the frontiers of the pop. Their arresting aesthetic and intensely conceived performances have fortified the duo’s standing as one of South Africa’s most exciting creative groups.

Adam Wendler // All Or Nothing

I grew up in Goderich, Ontario, Canada. It’s a fairly small town located on Lake Huron.  I was always really in to swimming, and being on the water in general. I like to go stand up paddle boarding and canoeing.