Live Berlin! Playlist Submission Form

How the Live Berlin! Playlist works:

  • Artists can submit their tracks for free via the form on this page, along with details of their upcoming show in Berlin.
  • Submitted tracks are added to the playlist up to 30 days before the artist’s gig in Berlin.
  • Submitted tracks are placed on the list in order of the date of the gig (nearest gigs are closest to the top) and when the tracks were submitted (earliest submissions first)
  • Submitted tracks are removed the day after the artist’s gig

How to Reserve a Top 10 Position:

  • The top 10 positions on the playlist can be reserved at 5€ per day (per track) for up to 14 days before a gig
  • Reservations are first-come-first-served. If someone has already booked the top slot for certain days then you will be placed in the second slot, etc.
  • For more information on reserving a top 10 spot, please contact us.

Send us your song:

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Thank you for submitting your song to the Live Berlin! playlist. This playlist is constantly being updated so be sure to follow it on Spotify and submit your songs for each new gig.